Gold and Silver

Gold and Silver
16th-20th centuries


In this display case besides a small temple shaped Gothic style reliquary in silver and coral there is a collection of patens, incense boats and other objects used during the mass and sacraments. The paten is a gold or gilded metal plate used to contain the host before and after the consecration. It has a wide border that is usually decorated.
The navicella or incense boat was used to hold the incense and resembles a small boat or nave. The silver cross with ceramic decorations made in Ragensburg, Germany is from the 18th century.
The inscription on its base “Ex dono Emi Card. Epi. Mat. Eust. Gonella A. 1870” shows that it was a gift to the Capitol of the Cathedral from Bishop Gonella (1866-70). There are also two cross shaped reliquaries in silver and gold attributed to Giovanni Francesco Frangi (1581-1653).
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