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We publish mainly in the field of non-fiction related to cultural heritage and in general to the human sciences. The goal of our work is the dissemination of knowledge through the selection of works that combine to a solid scientific basis the ability to communicate to the most.

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  • Bolla for the Firs Jubilee


    In the Catholic Church the Jubilee is the year of the remission of sins, reconciliation, conversion and of sacramental penance. The Jubilee originates from the Jewish tradition that fixed, every 50 years, a year of rest of the lands, the return of confiscated lands and the liberation of slaves. The term comes from the Hebrew…

  • Palazzo di Bonifacio VIII


    The construction of the Palace of Bonifacio VIII is not the result of a unitary construction project: the resulting actions of merging, transformations and additions changed the architectural structure of the building. In total there are at least 15 construction sites, that may be dated between the X-XI century and the XVIII century. XIII CENTURY…

  • Bonifacio VIII, the Palace, the Emperor and more

    Bonifacio VIII’s Palace was the home-fortress of the popes of Anagni. Although the name recalls the only property of the famous pope of the “Slap”, the firstdomus towered almost certainly to Lotario of the Conti of Segni, Pope, as Innocent III,from 1198; then, in the early thirteenth century, Ugolino Conti, pope from 1227 with the…

  • Annunciation by Lodovico Mazzanti

    Oil painting on canvas Late 17th century Lodovico Mazzanti cm. 97 x 73 The work “Annunciation” was originally in the Suffragio Church before it was given to the Museum del Colle. THE WORK The composition of the painting of the apparition of the Virgin to S. Lucia in the Cathedral of Viterbo includes an impeccable…

  • Transport of the Holy House

    Transport of the Holy House

    Oil painting on canvas 1750-1760 ca. Ludovico Mazzanti (Rome 1686 – Viterbo 1775) cm 234×168   Ludovico Mazzanti, a student of Giovan Battista Gaulli (known as Baciccio 1639-1709), worked mostly in Orvieto , where his family originated, as well as in Viterbo, Perugia, Città di Castello and Naples. THE WORK The altar piece was very…

  • Madonna della Carbonara

    Madonna della Carbonara

    Tempera on panel late 12th – early 13th century Unknown of Roman school cm. 40×80   Icon of Byzantine influence representing the Madonna Hodegetria, particular half-lenght portrait of the Madonna holding the Blessing Infant with the Holy Scriptures. The Latin writing on the bottom says: THE VIRGIN GAVE BIRTH TO HIM WHO FALSE WISDOM DENIED…

  • Logo of The Monumental Complex Colle del Duomo

    The Monumental Complex Colle del Duomo

    A reality in continual evolution   Fifteen years after the foundation of the Museum and ten years of continual and fruitful activity, the Museum del Colle del Duomo has decided to renew its image with a complete restyling of the signage and adding a technological touch in order to keep up with the times. In…

  • Crucifixion of Viterbo

    The Viterbo Crucifixion. The results of studies.

    The results of studies on The Viterbo Crucifixion by an equipe of experts: archeologist Giampaolo Serone and Francesco Aliperti (Archeoares), Simona Rinaldi and Claudia Pelosi (University of Tuscia), Santino Tosini (Diocese of Viterbo), Elisabetta Gnignera and Antonio Rocca (Egidio 17).   THE LETTER A letter from the Marchesa of Pescara, Vittoria Colonna, to Michelangelo Buonarroti…

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Archeoares operates in the field of Cultural Heritage at national level developing all aspects related to it, integrating research activities with the promotion of tourism in the area.