Hermes, ricetrasmittenti per gruppi

Improve your tour guide experience using the walkie talkie with ergonomic earphones that allows comfortable, prolonged use.

Hermes allows you a better quality, making it easier for the guide to explain and for the tourists to listen and become more involved.

Earphones are ergonomic, studied to be worn with comfort even for a long time.
The earphones allows one to listen to the guide without losing contact with the rest of the world and guarantee freedom to visitors who can stand up to 100 metres from the speaker.
The improvement of the visit is assured for both the guide and for listeners. And all for a very low cost.

Technical characteristics:

  • 195 MHz – 230 MHz
  • Lithium battery
  • 15 hours autonomy
  • Maximum operative distance 100 meters

Cost: hd 1.5 € / fd 2.0 €

Why choose Hermes?

  • Less fatigue for the guide
  • Better listening for the tourist
  • Possibility to move up to 100m from speaker
  • Ergonomic earphones
  • Improved quality of the visit