The Viterbo Crucifixion. The results of studies.

Crucifixion of Viterbo

The results of studies on The Viterbo Crucifixion by an equipe of experts: archeologist Giampaolo Serone and Francesco Aliperti (Archeoares), Simona Rinaldi and Claudia Pelosi (University of Tuscia), Santino Tosini (Diocese of Viterbo), Elisabetta Gnignera and Antonio Rocca (Egidio 17).



A letter from the Marchesa of Pescara, Vittoria Colonna, to Michelangelo Buonarroti helps in the ongoing research to solve the mystery of the Viterbo Crucifixion, the small painting on wood panel that is conserved in the Museum Colle del Duomo. The mention of a glass, light and mirror by Colonna backs up the discovery of images (face of St. John) which are not visible without the use of ultraviolet rays.



Using modern technology and diagnostics, comparisons with contemporary art works and literature such as the “Beneficio di Cristo” (1543), the identification of architectural structures visible in the painting, studies on iconography and history of costume, the equip of scholars and researchers has been able to shed new light on this small masterpiece of Renaissance painting.





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