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St. Rose of Viterbo


Oil painting on canvas
18th century
cm. 136 x 100


In the painting we see one of the miracles of the Saint, the conversion of the heritic of Vitorchiano. The episode happened during the brief exile of Rosa due to the political conditions of the time. Rosa is shown stamping on heretical books in the fire while on her right an angel shows the Holy Scriptures. The lily held by the angel is the symbol of the saint’s purity.

This is just one of the many miracles attributed during her life and after the death of the city’s venerated saint. Also Pope Alessandro IV affirmed to have seen her in a dream and then had her body transferred from the first burial place to the present church of S. Rosa.

This constituted the beginning of the incredible transport of the Macchina of Santa Rosa which is done each September 3 and which has recently earned a place among the Immaterial Patrimonies of UNESCO.

For more information about Santa Rosa and the Macchina, we recommend a visit to the Museum of the Sodalizio of the Porters of Santa Rosa on Via S. Pellegrino 60/62 in the medieval quarter.


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