Madonna and Child by Benvenuto di Giovanni

Madonna and Child by Benvenuto di Giovanni
Tempera on panel
15th century
Benvenuto di Giovanni
cm. 60×43


Painted on gold leaf, with typical symbols of 15th century Italian art such as the star on Mary’s right shoulder, a symbol of virginity and a goldfinch,a symbol of Christ’s passion. The words “AVE GRATIA PLENA DOM(ini)” are inscribed inside the Madonna’s halo.
The work comes from the chapel of San Filippo Neri and we have proof that it was located in the Baroque choir of San Lorenzo cathedral in 1907. In 1930 it was transferred to the chapel of the Bishop’s Seminary and during the second world war it was conserved in the Cathedral’s archives.
In 1938 it was restored by M. Amadio.

F. Mason Perkins attributes the work to Benvenuto di Giovanni, an artist of Siena.

Other works of Benvenuto can be found in the Siena area while the New York Metropolitan Museum owns an Annunciation dating from 1498.


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