Ceramics and bronzes

Urna villanoviana - Ceramics and bronzes
Ceramics and bronzes
X a.C. – I a.C.


This display case holds a series of ceramics made in different epochs and from different civilizations which testify to the continuity of habitation in the Tuscia area.

The oldest piece is a two handled urn with engraved geometric décor. The Villanovan ware (10-8th century BC) was used for burials and incineration and was completed with other elements that partially covered the upper cone.

The form and black color and the characteristic grey impasto (visible in points of fracture) are instead bucchero, a typical Etruscan ware.

The black pieces with red impasto represent one of the most common productions of the Roman epoch. This black painted ceramic was used from the 6th to 1st century BC.

The bronze piece in the center is a mirror.

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