Bolla for the Firs Jubilee

In the Catholic Church the Jubilee is the year of the remission of sins, reconciliation, conversion and of sacramental penance. The Jubilee originates from the Jewish tradition that fixed, every 50 years, a year of rest of the lands, the return of confiscated lands and the liberation of slaves. The term comes from the Hebrew […]

Bonifacio VIII, the Palace, the Emperor and more

Bonifacio VIII’s Palace was the home-fortress of the popes of Anagni. Although the name recalls the only property of the famous pope of the “Slap”, the firstdomus towered almost certainly to Lotario of the Conti of Segni, Pope, as Innocent III,from 1198; then, in the early thirteenth century, Ugolino Conti, pope from 1227 with the […]