The roads of time

The roads of time

ISBN: 978-88-99822-11-8


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The book moves from the history of the author, one of the first to catch the potential of commercial trade in wine in Russia, central Asia and China. After visiting and living in the Euroasian continents, Giancarlo Panarella,theeditorofEnopress finds the roots of his many travels: millennium old traces, a long time before the Silk Road when that road was the Grape and Wine Road, as testified by archeology and historical documents. A long time before the Etruscans, the Grecks, the Romans, the Parthians, the Sogdians, the Hebrews, the Arabs, at
the very beginning of the celestial Empire. It’s a true tale built on facts and people, which takes us by hand in a travel through time and dimensions, a professional adventure that recalls the past and looks to the future. A rich collection of
pictures represents it live testimony.

The Road of Times created by Dr. Giancarlo Panarella is a fantastic book written these days in a newly reshaped world, when the old Grape and Wine road or the
recent Silk Road are called to new adventures and activities, such as those promoted by the Belt and Road initiative put forward by the Chinese President Xi Jinping.
The story of this travel in time and on land s dedicated to all those who shared the Road with me and contributed to an unique constellation of humanity, places and events. ‘Tout va, tout viens’ in a circle, the circus of life in a discovery vivified by
many selected pictures, songs and dreams. Nowadays, the Road which
connected Asia to Rome, Venice and beyond, since the beginning of history, turns to future life and becomes an intercontinental bridge, which powers its millenniums old mission of trade, culture and human relations.

The book is really attractive not because any political viewpoints, but those vivid descriptions of those very special events and moments on the road that connect remote areas in different period of times, particularly in terms of Europe as a center, including former Soviet republics, Chinese regions and even some mysterious places still unknown.

Furthermore, you can learn what Pan Deng, the Chinese name of the author, experienced in his wonderful and romantic life on the road, always related to grape, wine, silk, garments, spices, songs and music, various foods, animal trade and varieties of beautiful things.
Through him, you may learn a lot, from grape seeds to culture, from history to civilizations, from ancient times to the modern world. Not only, some countries and ideologies seemed to be cancelled forever, but they still remain present in the life of Giancarlo Panarella, and in this book forever.
Readers may enjoy each chapter, take part to travel and discoveries in three continents while getting acquainted with mysterious places and facts, parts of the rich, millennium long cultural exchange between European nations and Asian countries. Through grape and wine, of course! Through Pan Deng and Giancarlo Panarella adventures, both in the past and in recent years!! Through this book
and the many contributors to this story.
Finally, those tired of traditional schemes, as well as adventurous readers may understand why so many people in different parts of the world are presently inspired by the Belt and Road initiative and work hard to figure how we get benefits from those activities on the road. Should we decide to try, to connect and experience, even as travelers, the adventures of Marco Polo and Giancarlo Panarella, with a joyful attitude on the brave new road, exploring the destiny we all belong to.