Archeoares is a service company that has worked for the past ten years in the fields of culture, publications, didactic and tourism services.

We strongly believe in professionalism, the spirit of enterprise in new generations full of enthusiasm and preparation and in the importance of partnerships for professional and cultural growth. Using enterprise we wish to contribute to safeguarding the past, bettering the present and building a better future.



We began managing the Museo Colle del Duomo which evolved to become the Polo Monumental Colle del Duomo in 2014


Didactics for schools and private institutions


Began the management at the Museo del Sodalizio Facchini di Santa Rosa


Creation of Edizioni Archeoares publishing company


Creation of Viterbo Tourist Card


The first augmented reality postcard began the technological services of Archeoares


Development in the events organization sector


Archeoares created a network of companies ELT-Terra di Tuscia along with 10 other important companies of the territory


Augmented reality eyeglasses the first time in an Italian city with outdoor visits


  • Management and valorization of museums, palaces and sites of historic, artistic and archeological interest. Guides and tourism services.
  • Organization of events and happenings
  • Ideation and realization of didactic projects
  • Research in the fields of archeology, history, art and archives
  • Publishing house
  • Editorial services such as illustrations, book trailers, etc.
  • Development of technology for the valorization of cultural goods


Archeoares, within the larger cultural sector, works in different areas that are complementary
Since its foundation, it has carried out numerous activities:

  • Management and valorization of museums, palaces and sites of historic, artistic and archaeological interest
  • Services for Tourism
  • Organization and management of events and happenings
  • Publication of books
  • Editorial services including illustrations and book trailers
  • Creation of multimedia and technological services utilized in cultural sectors
  • Didactic activities at structures managed and in scholastic and formative institutions


Francesco Aliperti

Socio fondatore e amministratore

Gianpaolo Serone

Socio fondatore e amministratore

Bruno Blanco

Socio fondatore e amministratore

Elena Cangiano

Responsabile del Polo monumentale Colle del Duomo

Sara Catanese

Responsabile settore editoriale

Giorgia Di Fusco

Social Media Manager, ufficio comunicazione

Francesca Forte

Responsabile per la Rocca dei Papi di Montefiascone, Palazzo Doebbing e parco archeologico di Sutri

Eleonora Costantini

Responsabile servizi Hermes e guida del Polo monumentale Colle del Duomo

Francesca Menna

Responsabile mostre e didattica

Fabrizio Trapuzzano

Responsabile del Museo del Sodalizio dei Facchini di Santa Rosa

Chiara Pasquini

Operatrice Museale

Federica Casamassa

Operatrice Museale